hannah jordan

  • Director of Social Media

Hannah Jordan joined The Boutique Real Estate Group as the Director of Social Media in the summer of 2020. Hannah was born and raised in Southern California and loves to travel, take photos, and spend plenty of time at the beach. In her "spare" time, Hannah is a part of a competitive dance team that travels the country performing at world-famous attractions. Her enthusiasm, outgoing personality, and ability to connect with others truly sets her apart. Hannah has a passion for design and loves the opportunity to be artistic and showcase her creativity through social media.

Fun Facts about Hannah:

*Favorite "food" is Chipotle

*She loves brie cheese

*Has an unhealthy caffeine obsession

*She truly is a bundle of energy

*Absolutely terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes, and all things nature

*Not a morning human

Hannah will be taking on the social media responsibility for The Boutique Real Estate Group on all social media channels and you can follow along on her journey with us.

hannah jordan

  • Director of Social Media
The Boutique Real Estate Group
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